The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Big Feet to Fill: The Fifth Group Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

To get the quest simply enter the area. The task will automatically appear in your journal.

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Stages of "Big Feet to Fill: The Fifth Group" quest

1. Rescue the sailors from the bandits.

We are all familiar with the buccaneers of the high seas, but pirates prowling deep inland? That's a relatively unknown phenomenon. Not to Geralt, though, for he came across a group of bandits who had attacked a moored ship, taken its entire crew captive and intended to loot the goods they had been transporting.

You have to kill all the bandits (38,40).

Rescue the sailors from the bandits.

2. Rescue the merchant.

Rescue the merchant.

3. Quest completed.

The witcher didn't hesitate a moment. He threw himself into battle and defeated the pirates, then freed the sailors they had taken captive. As it turned out, this was all in service of a worthy cause, for the ship had been hauling materials necessary for the completion of the Prophet Lebioda's statue.