The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Big Feet to Fill: The First Group Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

To get this quest walk up to a car attacked by the bandits. The quest will automatically appear in your journal.

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Stages of "Big Feet to Fill: The First Group" quest

1. Help the workers defeat the bandits.

While traveling across the lovely lands of Toussaint, Geralt came across a group of workers who had been attacked by bandits. At the time, the witcher did not yet know these were builders constructing the Prophet Lebioda’s statue and his intervention would determine whether or not that monumental work would ever be finished.

Kill all the Bandits (43).

Help the workers defeat the bandits.

2. Quest completed.

Luckily for the Prophet’s followers, Geralt is a decent man who lends his help to anyone who needs it. Once he had defeated the bandits, the building crew could continue on to its destination.