The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Granite! Secondary Quest, Blood and Wine Quest

Suggested level: 36

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Stages of "Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Granite!" quest

1. Talk to the art curator.

On one of the notice boards of Beauclair Geralt found a very interesting contract. A certain man was looking for a discrete specialist in the supernatural. Geralt had the feeling this was directed at someone more or less just like him.

Talk to the art curator.

2. Using your Witcher Senses, investigate the crime scene.

A local art curator asked Geralt for help in a matter concerning the statue of Reginald d’Aubry – a local legend and national hero. Since the matter was of a delicate nature, he asked the witcher maintain absolute discretion. Geralt accepted the contract, not knowing he was in for quite the shock when the details of what he was to investigate and why were made known.

Examine piece of coat fabric caught on the nail.

Using your Witcher Senses, investigate the crime scene.


3. Using your Witcher Senses, follow the scent.

Follow the scent, it will lead you to the house doors.

Using your Witcher Senses, follow the scent.

4. Enter the house.

Inside you find an old man and his young mistress.

Enter the house.

At some point, the husband of an adulteress will join you. You can use axii sign to calm him down or beat him in fistfight.

Enter the house.

5. Defeat the attacker.

If you can't use axii sign, then you have to fight. Defeat the Cuckold (36).

Defeat the attacker.

If you lose a fight then Rosalinda's husband will smash Reginald's testicles to shards and dust.

6. Make a decision.

You have three options:

1. Fine. - let Hughes keep Reginald's testicles.

2. Nope. Need to take 'em. - take the Reginald statue's genitals without waiting.

3. Willing to lend them to you. - let Hughes use Reginald's testicles for one more day.

 Make a decision.

7. Wait 1 day.

7.1. Return to Hughes.

Hughes is very happy but exhausted. He will give you back the Reginald statue's genitals.

Return to Hughes.

8. Wait 7 days and return to Hughes for your reward.

This stage will be available if you let Hughes keep Reginald's testicles.

He will pay you 50 gold and offer more gold if you wait 7 days.

8.1. Return to Hughes for the second part of your reward.

That was too much sex for old Hughes. He died.

Return to Hughes for the second part of your reward.

9. Talk to the art curator.

No matter which option you have choosen, at the end you will have to talk to the art curator and inform him about the results of your investigation.

Talk to the art curator.

10. Quest completed.

If you were able to retrieve Reginald statue's genitals ...

Geralt was able to retrieve "Beauclair's most valuable jewels" and Reginald d'Aubry's statue was once again made whole. Thanks to this, both the curator and a great number of local matrons were highly satisfied, people in general were more relaxed and merry, a bumper crop of children was on its way and tourism to Beauclair reached new heights. All thanks to a humble witcher.

... or (Reginald statue's genitals have been destroyed) ...

There are some parts of the White Wolf's story best passed over in silence. Loyalty to my friend does not allow me to say the famed witcher was sucker punched by a cuckolded husband even though he had nothing to do with the cuckolding in question... so it shall have to suffice to say Reginald's statue was not returned to its former glory. The rest will fade into oblivion.

... or (you let Hughes keep the Reginald statue's genitals) ...

Geralt tracked down the thief and confronted him, only to be confronted himself with a most atypical offer. The man wanted to borrow "Beauclair's most valuable jewels" for a few more days so he could... finish some things. Geralt showed understanding (a nod being as good as a wink to our worldly friend) and promised to return in a week. Do you know the saying about the butterfly that flaps its wings in Kovir and causes a hurricane in Cintra? All decisions have entirely unpredictable consequences, and this was no exception – the poor Hughes' heart could not bear his amatory gusto and burst from overexertion. The witcher was left with half his reward and a guilty conscience.