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Skyshards Page 3The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) Maps

Skyshards are interactive objects that can be found in public dungeons, explorable caves and regular overland areas. There are over 300 skyshards in the game.

For every three skyshards collected, a skill point is given to the player.

Select desired categories of skyshards

Alik'r Desert
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
Bal Foyen
3 skyshards
16 skyshards
3 skyshards
3 skyshards
16 skyshards
12 skyshards
Cyrodiil Aldmeri
15 skyshards
Cyrodiil Daggerfall
15 skyshards
Cyrodiil Ebonheart
15 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
Khenarthi's Roost
6 skyshards
Malabal Tor
16 skyshards
Mountain Skyshard
1 skyshard
Reaper's March
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
16 skyshards
Stros M'Kai
3 skyshards
The Rift
16 skyshards
skyshard's title category location(s)
Lava flows where Ayleids walked. Craglorn Skyshards
Under Centurion guard. Craglorn Skyshards
Where chisled tunnels meet crystal caverns. Craglorn Skyshards
Where fishmongers sell no fish. Craglorn Skyshards
Where sunlight penetrates Dwarven delves. Craglorn Skyshards
Ascending toward prophecy and dawn. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
At the end of a bumpy road. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Hears hacking to the east. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Helping establish a new town. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Ruin's crown between three castles. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Ruined spire peering north to the Tower. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Singing straw's song. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Six-legged assassins crawl the cave. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
The Black Dagger's prize. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Tooth of Jone or Jode. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Upon timbered fingers. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Walk the Shadowed Path. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Where archers of the Eight train. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Where bear and ogre burrow. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Within sight of Mnem. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Skyshards
Amid reverberations of clattering bones. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Approach the southern scroll. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Atop a crumbling Empire. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Bandits' crowning achievement. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Decorating a Nord's manor grounds. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Home of the goat-faced altar. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
In a cave of crimson treasures. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Near liquid fire flowing. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Offering at the priory. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Overlooking Ni-Mohk's falls. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Search near the cliffs … cliffs … cliffs…. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Surrounded by frozen fungus. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Under shroud and ground. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Vampires prowl where Elves once lived. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Where a ruin-seeking Khajiit is denied. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Skyshards
Blue Road's trees fall just down the hill. Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards
Cradled in a ruined temple hall. Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards
Enjoy a good roll in the muck. Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards
Facing the Faceless. Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards
Fractured by the Bloody Hand. Cyrodiil Ebonheart Skyshards