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Lost Soul: {name of location} The Railroad Quest

To get this quest, talk to Doctor Carrington in the Railroad HQ after you destroyed The Institute with the Railroad.

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete The Nuclear Option quest.

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Stages of "Lost Soul: {name of location}" quest

1. Rescue the synth

Not all Synths teleported out of the Institute made it to safety. Doctor Carrington has a lead on one Synth that's in danger. After they're saved, I have a care package that'll help them get to safety.

Possible location: Back Street Apparel, etc.

Rescue the synth

2. Report back to Carrington

Care package delivered and the Synth is saved. Next is reporting in to Carrington.

3. Quest completed

Doctor Carrington was pleased that another Synth was placed out of harm's way.