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Memory Interrupted The Railroad Quest

To get this quest, talk to Desdemona in The Railroad HQ.

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Stages of "Memory Interrupted" quest

1. Talk to Doctor Amari

There's a Synth stranded at the Memory Den. His escape route out of there has been compromised. I need to go to Doctor Amari and tell her I've been sent to clear a path.

She is in the Memory Den in the Goodneighbor.

Talk to Doctor Amari

There is a goodbye message from H2-22 holotape on the table.

Talk to Doctor Amari

2. Eliminate the Gen 1s

I'm helping out H2-22 again after he chose to have his memories replaced. There's a group of Gen 1 Synths at Malden Center preventing the Railroad's runners from getting H2 to safety. I have to deal with them.

You have to kill all the synths inside the Malden Center Station. If you are in The Institute's good graces then they will be initially friendly.

Eliminate the Gen 1s

3. Report back to Desdemona

All of the Gen 1 Synths have been eliminated from Malden Center. H2-22 can now be moved to safety. I should report this to Desdemona back at HQ.

4. Quest completed

H2-22 has been moved from the Memory Den and is already on his road to freedom. As a bonus, Doctor Amari's operation is secure once again.