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Powering Up Main Story, The Institute Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Pinned quest.

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Stages of "Powering Up" quest

1. Speak to Father

I need to check in with Shaun about the state of the reactor.

2. Record the Speech

I've been asked to record a speech that will be broadcast across the Commonwealth once the Institute's reactor is turned on.

Record the Speech

3. Speak with Father

4. Reconfigure the Transmitter

Diamond City Radio's transmitter needs to be modified so it can transmit the Institute's message to the Commonwealth.

Inside Diamond City Radio find a box with three radio parts and ...

Reconfigure the Transmitter

... install them in 3 empty slots. If you installed correct part in correct slot then one more bulb on top of one of the panels will light up green. At the beggining only two of them are lit + 3 pieces = all 5 lit = success.

Reconfigure the Transmitter

5. Speak with Father

Father is in reactor room at the back of the Advanced Systems.

Speak with Father

6. Activate the Reactor

It's time to finally start the Institute's reactor and usher in a new era for the Commonwealth.

Enter the reactor, activate its core, go out, use terminal and select Initiate Reactor Startup Sequence.

Activate the Reactor

7. Speak with Father

8. Attend Directorate Meeting

With the reactor running, I need to attend a special Directorate meeting to decide what happens next.

Attend Directorate Meeting

9. Quest completed

The Institute's reactor is online, and the Directorate has decided it's time to remove any threats to the Institute's survival.