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Rockets' Red Glare Main Story, The Railroad Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Precipice of War quest.

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Stages of "Rockets' Red Glare" quest

1. Fly to the Prydwen

The plan is to bluff our way past the Prydwen's air traffic control and then land our stolen vertibird on her flight deck. Once aboard I have to place explosives on her gas bags. Then get out alive.

Fly to the Prydwen

Fly to the Prydwen

2. Plant explosives (0/3)

We actually made it aboard the Prydwen. Now it's my job to place explosive charges on the Prydwen's gas bags. After that, I need to get back to our stolen vertibird and fly to a safe distance so we can remotely detonate it.

Plant explosives (0/3)

Plant explosives (0/3)

3. Escape the Prydwen

The explosives are placed, now I just need to make it back to the stolen vertibird so Tinker Tom can get us to a safe distance. Then we trigger the explosives and watch the Prydwen go up like a candle.

Escape the Prydwen

Escape the Prydwen

4. Talk to Desdemona

The Prydwen is no more. The Brotherhood of Steel's presence in the Commonwealth is effectively over. Now I just need to report back to Desdemona.

Talk to Desdemona

5. Quest completed

With the destruction of the Prydwen, there's nothing to stop the Railroad from launching a final attack on the Institute. This is our chance to save all the Synths.