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World Explorer

World Explorer
World Explorer
Explore Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland, Northrend, and the areas revealed by the Cataclysm.
- Cataclysm
- Eastern Kingdoms
- Kalimdor
- Northrend
- Outland
additional info
factionA H
achievement points50
rewardTitle Reward: The Explorer
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  name and description faction points category
Explore Eastern Kingdoms Explore Eastern Kingdoms
Explore the regions of Eastern Kingdoms.
A H 25 Exploration
Explore Kalimdor Explore Kalimdor
Explore the regions of Kalimdor.
A H 25 Exploration
Explore Outland Explore Outland
Explore the regions of Outland.
A H 25 Exploration
Explore Northrend Explore Northrend
Explore the regions of Northrend.
A H 25 Exploration
Explore Cataclysm Explore Cataclysm
Explore the regions exposed by the Cataclysm.
A H 25 Exploration