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Monstrous Crawler

Monstrous Crawler
Level 43 - 53 Beast
additional info
level43 - 53
react (top-most) H A
you will find this creature somewhere here
Swamp of Sorrows
Monstrous Crawler
map of Swamp of Sorrows
drops, rare+ and quest items
  name level req level class slot
Dark Phantom Cape Dark Phantom Cape 55 50 Cloth Back
Hammer of the Northern Wind Hammer of the Northern Wind 54 49 Mace One-Hand
Monstrous Crawler Leg Monstrous Crawler Leg - - Quest
Pristine Crawler Leg Pristine Crawler Leg - - Quest
Shadowblade Shadowblade 53 48 Dagger One-Hand
Viking Warhammer Viking Warhammer 54 49 Mace One-Hand