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The Defias Kingpin

The Defias Kingpin
Level 17 Dungeon
Kill the Defias Kingpin.
- "Captain" Cookie
additional info
required level15
faction / side H
categoryThe Deadmines
descriptionKill the Defias Kingpin.
final stepSpeak to Kagtha inside the Deadmines.
• 315 experience
You will be able to choose one of these rewards
33 silver
max level compensation: 5 silver 70 copper
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 500 reputation with Orgrimmar
detailsThe Shattered Hand has laid mostly quiet for years now.

No more!

You will be the instrument of our rebirth, [name]. Slay the Defias Kingpin and commandeer her ship for the Horde! We will outfit it as a proper orc warship and use it to finally lay waste to Stormwind

Any survivors will spread word of our unstoppable power across all of Azeroth, and all will tremble before our might!

Go now, VanCleef's death will be your greatest triumph yet hero.
questline / series
1. Only the Beginning [ 16 Dungeon ] H
3. The Defias Kingpin [ 17 Dungeon ] H
ingame link
The Deadmines
map of The Deadmines
The Deadmines
map of The Deadmines
The Deadmines
map of The Deadmines
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The Deadmines
map of The Deadmines