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Candy Bucket, Blade's Edge Mountains Map

Ingame ID of Blade's Edge Mountains map is 3522.

Blade's Edge Mountains
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Blade's Edge Mountains subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Bash'ir Landing7052 x 17
Blackwing Coven6732 x 33
Bladed Gulch6672 x 29
Blades' Run-52 x 93
Bladespire Grounds-46 x 55
Bladespire Hold6741 x 53
Bladespire Outpost-57 x 58
Bloodmaul Camp6755 x 26
Bloodmaul Outpost6646 x 77
Bloodmaul Ravine6545 x 68
Boulder'mok6731 x 22
Broken Wilds6778 x 25
Churning Gulch6749 x 40
Circle of Blood6653 x 44
Crystal Spine7068 x 11
Cursed Hollow-59 x 47
Daggermaw Canyon6555 x 34
Death's Door6764 x 61
Draenethyst Mine6643 x 85
Dragons' End6553 x 49
Evergrove6762 x 40
Forge Camp: Anger7075 x 42
Forge Camp: Terror7029 x 81
Forge Camp: Wrath7033 x 41
Furywing's Perch-66 x 14
Grishnath6740 x 20
Gruul's Lair6768 x 24
Insidion's Perch-62 x 7
Jagged Ridge6952 x 67
Mok'Nathal Village6574 x 63
Obsidia's Perch-34 x 54
Ogri'la6628 x 56
Raven's Wood6532 x 28
Razaan's Landing6667 x 43
Razor Ridge-68 x 59
Rivendark's Perch-27 x 64
Ruuan Weald6661 x 37
Scalewing Shelf6668 x 68
Singing Ridge6761 x 77
Skald6672 x 20
Soulgrinder's Barrow6760 x 23
Sylvanaar-37 x 65
The Living Grove6538 x 71
Thunderlord Stronghold-53 x 55
Toshley's Station6560 x 69
Trogma's Claim6771 x 74
Veil Lashh6536 x 79
Veil Ruuan6765 x 32
Veil Vekh6777 x 75
Vekhaar Stand6677 x 75
Vim'gol's Circle-78 x 31
Vortex Pinnacle6930 x 59
Wyrmskull Bridge6753 x 38
Wyrmskull Tunnel6647 x 32
Blade's Edge Mountains related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Blade's Edge Mountains Explore Blade's Edge Mountains
Explore Blade's Edge Mountains, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Outland
On the Blade's Edge On the Blade's Edge
Complete 86 quests in Blade's Edge Mountains.
A H 10 The Burning Crusade