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Candy Bucket, Netherstorm Map

Ingame ID of Netherstorm map is 3523.

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Netherstorm subzones / areas
name level aprox. coords
Access Shaft Zeon6961 x 44
Area 52-34 x 66
Arklon Ruins6740 x 74
Arklonis Ridge6740 x 67
Camp of Boom6735 x 59
Celestial Ridge6972 x 39
Chapel Yard6962 x 78
Cosmowrench6766 x 67
Eco-Dome Farfield6846 x 10
Eco-Dome Midrealm6845 x 54
Eco-Dome Skyperch6839 x 38
Eco-Dome Sutheron6846 x 25
Ethereum Staging Grounds6955 x 44
Forge Base: Gehenna6840 x 18
Forge Base: Oblivion6838 x 26
Gyro-Plank Bridge6723 x 56
Invasion Point: Destroyer6849 x 65
Invasion Point: Overlord6936 x 18
Kirin'Var Village6957 x 88
Manaforge Ara6727 x 40
Manaforge B'naar6724 x 73
Manaforge Coruu6849 x 85
Manaforge Duro6959 x 68
Manaforge Ultris-62 x 38
Midrealm Post-46 x 56
Netherstone6850 x 17
Protectorate Watch Post-59 x 31
Ruins of Enkaat6733 x 55
Ruins of Farahlon6854 x 21
Socrethar's Seat7030 x 16
Sunfury Hold6956 x 78
Tempest Keep7076 x 62
The Heap6728 x 78
The Proving Grounds-37 x 63
The Scrap Field6851 x 57
The Stormspire-45 x 36
The Violet Tower-58 x 86
The Vortex Fields6862 x 60
Town Square6860 x 86
Trelleum Mine6926 x 43
Tuluman's Landing-35 x 38
Voidwind Plateau6864 x 48
Wizard Row6855 x 87
Netherstorm related achievements
  name and description faction points category
Explore Netherstorm Explore Netherstorm
Explore Netherstorm, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
A H 10 Outland
Into the Nether Into the Nether
Complete 120 quests in Netherstorm.
A H 10 The Burning Crusade