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french title Les Consécrations d'Arkay
german title Die Weihen von Arkay
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By Punctilius Tyrus

As a novice of the Order of Arkay, you enter a service that will be both an exaltation and a burden to you. We who serve the Lord of the Wheel of Life are tasked with protection of the souls of all mortals, both bound and unbound.

For there are those in Tamriel—and from beyond Tamriel—who prey upon the souls of others. Heretics would divert the souls of the dying to unlawful destinations. Necromancers would bind the souls of the dead to an afterlife of eternal slavery. And Daedra Lords feast upon the souls of mortals like ravening wolves.

All these we abominate, and drive them from the realms of decent folk with fire and hammer. And to aid us in this, our great work, Arkay has given us his Three Consecrations:

Arkay's Grace, which we bestow upon birth, to protect the souls of the innocent until they are old enough to exercise their own volition.

Arkay's Blessing, which we bestow upon the dying, to prevent their souls from being used without consent.

Arkay's Law, which we bestow upon the deceased, that their corporeal forms may not be raised to unlawful servitude.

There is no more sacred trust than that of the order which you enter today, novice. Be strong, and waver not, for the enemies of life are ever watchful, ready to punish negligence with swift and ruthless cruelty.

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