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An Invitation, of Sorts... Quest

Ingame ID of An Invitation, of Sorts... quest is 12631.

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An Invitation, of Sorts...
Level 75
Take the Unliving Choker to Stefan at Ebon Watch.
An Invitation, of Sorts... additional info
Faction Alliance Horde
DescriptionTake the Unliving Choker to Stefan at Ebon Watch.
Provided item Unliving Choker Unliving Choker
4 gold 60 silver
max level compensation: 9 gold 42 silver
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 150 reputation with Knights of the Ebon Blade
DetailsCrafted of bone and dripping with blood, this choker is of intricate and deliberate design.

Gazing upon it overwhelms you with an ominous presence - one that compels you to wear it. You fight the urge, and resolve to bring it back to Ebon Watch.

If anyone can explain this, a death knight can....
1. An Invitation, of Sorts... [ 75 ]
2. Near Miss [ 75 ]
2. Close Call [ 75 ]
3. Silver Lining [ 75 ]
4. Dressing Down [ 75 ]
4. Suit Up! [ 75 ]
6. So Far, So Bad [ 75 ]
8. Sabotage [ 75 ]
9. Betrayal [ 76 ]
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map of Zul'Drak