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Bringing Down Heb'Jin Quest

Ingame ID of Bringing Down Heb'Jin quest is 12662.

Bringing Down Heb'Jin tooltip
Bringing Down Heb'Jin
Level 77
Element-Tamer Dagoda at Zim'Torga wants you to kill Heb'Jin.
- Heb'Jin
Bringing Down Heb'Jin additional info
Faction Alliance Horde
DescriptionElement-Tamer Dagoda at Zim'Torga wants you to kill Heb'Jin.
Final stepReturn to Element-Tamer Dagoda at Zim'Torga in Zul'Drak.
Provided item Bat Net Bat Net
- Slay Heb'Jin
You will be able to choose one of these rewards
6 gold 50 silver
max level compensation: 12 gold 84 silver
Details<Dagoda looks at Ahunae and sighs.>

You want to really deal with Heb'Drakkar? Collecting scalps isn't going to get the job done. You have to take out their leader, Heb'Jin.

The problem is, he's up on the bat rookery goading his forces on.

Bang his drum and I guarantee that he'll fly down. That's when you kill him.

You can take this net we got from one of his headhunters. Use it to trap his bat when he lands. That way you won't have to fight both of them.
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Last update, client version11159
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