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You'll Need a Bear Quest

Ingame ID of You'll Need a Bear quest is 12972.

You'll Need a Bear tooltip
You'll Need a Bear
Level 80
Speak to Brijana outside Brunnhildar Village.
You'll Need a Bear additional info
Faction Alliance Horde
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
DescriptionSpeak to Brijana outside Brunnhildar Village.
max level compensation: 6 gold 63 silver
DetailsYou've succeeded in the first rounds of the Hyldsmeet. To advance further, you're going to need a warbear of your own.

Unfortunately, the Hyldnir don't give them out to just anyone. You'll have to emerge victorious from true battle, not just gladiatorial combat.

The Hyldnir of Brunnhildar are currently involved in a feud against the Sons of Hodir, Thorim's former allies. Speak to Brijana just outside the village and see how you can help them and prove yourself in the process.
5. Discipline [ 79 ]
10. The Hyldsmeet [ 80 ]
12. You'll Need a Bear [ 80 ]
13. Going Bearback [ 80 ]
14. Cold Hearted [ 80 ]
15. Deemed Worthy [ 80 ]
16. Making a Harness [ 80 ]
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Last update, client version11159
You'll Need a Bear start and finish location(s)
Start (NPC)
The Storm Peaks
map of The Storm Peaks
Finish (NPC)
The Storm Peaks
map of The Storm Peaks