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Xarantaur, the Witness Quest

Ingame ID of Xarantaur, the Witness quest is 13426.

Xarantaur, the Witness tooltip
Xarantaur, the Witness
Level 80
Speak with Xarantaur at Camp Tunka'lo.
Xarantaur, the Witness additional info
Faction Horde
CategoryThe Storm Peaks
DescriptionSpeak with Xarantaur at Camp Tunka'lo.
74 silver
max level compensation: 1 gold 32 silver
Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
• 10 reputation with Warsong Offensive
DetailsIt seems we're not the only visitors to this area. A courier relayed a message from a tauren named Xarantaur, who said he was visiting a taunka village called Camp Tunka'lo. The note was somewhat cryptic, but it seems this Xarantaur has come to Storm Peaks to learn the history of a taunka legend.

Meet up with him, [name]. See if what he knows can help us in any way. From his description, Camp Tunka'lo is far to the east, beyond the Terrace of the Makers and north of Dun Niffelem.
1. Xarantaur, the Witness [ 80 ]
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Last update, client version11159
Xarantaur, the Witness start and finish location(s)
Start (NPC)
The Storm Peaks
map of The Storm Peaks
Finish (NPC)
The Storm Peaks
map of The Storm Peaks