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Uncommon Scents Quest

Ingame ID of Uncommon Scents quest is 24805.

Uncommon Scents tooltip
Uncommon Scents
Report to Detective Snap Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar.
Uncommon Scents additional info
Faction Horde
CategoryLove is in the Air
DescriptionReport to Detective Snap Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar.
DetailsSomething's not right about this Crown Chemical Company. Steamwheedle's got eyes on 'em, and we could use a few more.

Head to Orgrimmar if you're interested in helping us out. Detective Snap Snagglebolt is heading up the investigation there, and he can use all the help he can get.
1. Uncommon Scents [ - ]
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Last update, client version12340
Uncommon Scents start and finish location(s)
Start (NPC)
Thunder Bluff
map of Thunder Bluff
Start (NPC)
map of Undercity
Start (NPC)
Silvermoon City
map of Silvermoon City
Finish (NPC)