World of Warcraft: WotLK Database


This is a list of all World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Quests. A quest is a task given to a player character that yields a reward when completed such as new items, experience points, reputation gain or gold.

Most quests are given by an NPC. Some of them can be aquired by using special items marked with exclamation mark, interacting with specific objects, entering some zones or from completing a previous quest.

title of quest
level range
starting area
name updown level updown type updown faction category updown
A Grim Discovery 45 H Feralas
A Grim Discovery 45 H Feralas
A Hero's Welcome 46 A Feralas
A New Cloak's Sheen 45 H Feralas
A Short Incubation 47 A Feralas
A Strange Request 45 H Feralas
Again With the Zapped Giants 55 A H Feralas
Against Lord Shalzaru 45 A Feralas
Against the Hatecrest 43 A Feralas
Against the Hatecrest 43 A Feralas
Alpha Strike 43 H Feralas
An Orphan Looking For a Home 47 A Feralas
Becoming a Parent 48 A Feralas
Boat Wreckage 44 A Feralas
Dark Ceremony 46 H Feralas
Dark Heart 50 H Feralas
Delivering the Relic 45 A Feralas
Doling Justice 47 A Feralas
Doling Justice 47 A Feralas
Faerie Dragon Muisek 45 H Feralas
Feralas: A History 47 A Feralas
Find OOX-22/FE! 45 A H Feralas
Food for Baby 47 A Feralas
Freed from the Hive 46 A Feralas
Freedom for All Creatures 47 A Feralas
Fuel for the Zapping 48 A H Feralas
Gordunni Cobalt 43 H Feralas
Hippogryph Muisek 47 H Feralas
Improved Quality 48 A Feralas
Improved Quality 48 H Feralas
In Search of Knowledge 47 A Feralas
Mountain Giant Muisek 50 Group H Feralas
Natural Materials 50 H Feralas
Perfect Yeti Hide 48 H Feralas
Pristine Yeti Hide 48 A Feralas
Psychometric Reading 44 A Feralas
Refuel for the Zapping 55 A H Feralas
Rescue OOX-22/FE! 45 A H Feralas
Return to Feathermoon Stronghold 43 A Feralas
Return to Troyas 48 A Feralas