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Tyrande Whisperwind Creature / NPC

Ingame ID of Tyrande Whisperwind creature / NPC is 7999.

Tyrande Whisperwind tooltip
Tyrande Whisperwind
High Priestess of Elune
Humanoid (Boss)
Tyrande Whisperwind additional info
DescriptionHigh Priestess of Elune
react (top-most) H A
Last update, client version11723
Known location(s) of Tyrande Whisperwind creature / NPC
Tyrande Whisperwind completes the following quests ...
name level faction category rewards
Doling Justice 47 A Feralas
Reception from Tyrande 28 A Stonetalon Mountains
A Gift for the High Priestess of Elune -
A Love is in the Air (5)
Darnassus - A Special
criteria of
  name and description faction points category
Immortal No More Immortal No More
Kill High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind.
H 10 Player vs. Player