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A Nereid Stole My HusbandMalabal Tor Lore BookThe Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) Maps

french title Une Néréide m'a pris mon mari
german title Eine Nereïde hat mir den Mann gestohlen
english text
french text
german text

A nereid stole my husband

My husband a nereid stole

Beware the maids of the seastrand

Lest you be the next we console.

We strolled blithely along the shore

Gathering shells and turning stones

When came the voice I now deplore

A voice, a song, such soaring tones!

At once, my husband quickly sped

"Wait!" I cried, "'Tis a nereid!"

But faster still he pressed ahead

Her sweet call could not be gainsaid.

Too late, alas, alas, too late

I found him swaying, deep in thrall

My worst fear sent to me by fate

He followed the nereid's call.

And she, beautiful, cruel, and vain

Swam to her sisters, calling this back,

"Your husband was no prize to gain;

He's yours once more, Lady Crookback!"

A nereid stole my husband

Returning him without delay

Poor me, near free from his demands

Stuck instead with him since that day!

Map of Hoarvor Pit

Hoarvor Pit
A Nereid Stole My Husband

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