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french title Étude de Val-boisé
german title Valenwald: eine Studie
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By Archivist Endaranande

Life for many in the Aldmeri Dominion begins in Valenwood. Green, forested, filled with a wide variety of plant and animal life, and home to some of the first Elves from Old Ehlnofey.

Over time and through generations, these early settlers adapted to the woods. They learned stealth and cunning by studying their new prey. Eventually, they became Wood Elves, or Bosmer. Slighter than the Altmer, intense and agile, the Bosmer are renowned archers and scouts.

Fierce combatants, the Bosmer have an unusual advantage: the Green Pact. According to Bosmer legend, Y'ffre the Forest God offered them a way to defeat their enemies, providing they did not consume, harm, or harvest any of Valenwood's plants.

Many have heard of the Wild Hunt, one result of the Green Pact. Of this ritual, I will say no more.

The Bosmer welcome those who come to Valenwood seeking refuge from other lands. In this regard, they are quite unlike their pure Altmer cousins. While we seek to retain our dignity, the Bosmer are quite willing to bend like saplings to the will of others.

Though they are unruly and naive, these Wood Elves are an integral part of the Dominion, and must be retained in order for our alliance to flourish.

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Malabal Tor
Valenwood: A Study

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