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french title Proclamation de la maison Corbeguet
german title Kundgebung des Hauses Rabenwacht
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To those who seek to understand:

One would surmise that such an elusive and ancient noble house would be averse to publishing its goals in such an accessible manner. However, with the advent of strife upon our homes and allies, I thought it best to clarify our standing for the small-minded.

The first and foremost goal of House Ravenwatch is the destruction of the ancient evil which lies within Rivenspire. It is known by many names: Abagandra, Loradabal, and in contemporary times, the Lightless Remnant. Countless generations of scholars have sought to understand this artifact. There is no understanding to be had—it is a blight upon Mundus and must be cast out.

Secondly, House Ravenwatch seeks to foil the plans of those who wish to make use of the power of the Lightless Remnant. Do not be deceived by Baron Montclair's rhetoric and so-called patriotic zeal. He has succumbed to the power of the Remnant and seeks to destroy the beautiful land of Rivenspire. We know this because we were with him when the power possessed him.

We prefer the shadows. We prefer to let others lead. But these are desperate times. They call for desperate measures. Know that no matter what Rivenspire must face, you will not face it alone. House Ravenwatch will be by your side. House Ravenwatch stands with Emeric and the good people of Rivenspire.

Verandis, Count of House Ravenwatch

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