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Far Harbor / The Island Fallout 4 Map

This is a map of the new Fallout 4 area added in Far Harbor DLC.

To reach this area you need to complete the Far From Home quest.

Far Harbor / The Island map contains 47 markers.

The map below is interactive. Use mouse drag/roller or mobile device gestures to move it or resize it. Mouse over map markers for tooltips with additional information.

Far Harbor / The Island legend

Points of interest

List below contains all points of interest located on Far Harbor / The Island map.


Islander's Almanac

Issue: "Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide".

On the table inside The Last Plank tavern in Far Harbor.

Islander's Almanac

Issue: "Precision Hunting".

On top of the Brooke's Head Lighthouse.

Islander's Almanac

Issue: "Pincer Dodge".

On the small table inside Northwood Ridge Quarry.

Islander's Almanac

Issue: "Children of Atom Expose".

On the counter, middle level of Acadia.

Islander's Almanac

Issue: "Recipe Roundup".

On the counter, ground level of the house at the National Park Visitor's Center.

Fusion coresFusion cores

Fusion Core

Inside a small building SW of Northwood Ridge Quarry.


MS Azalea
Cranberry Island Docks
Cranberry Island Supply Shed
Fringe Cove Docks
Rock Point Camp
Beaver Creek Lanes
Eden Meadows Cinemas


Longfellow's Cabin
Rayburn Point

Radio towersRadio towers

Ruined Radio Tower
Zephyr Ridge Camp


Far Harbor
National Park Visitor's Center


Children of Atom Shrine
The Nucleus


Northwood Ridge Quarry


Glowing Grove
Huntress Island
Aldersea Day Spa


Kitteredge Pass
Pine Crest Cavern


Cranberry Island Bog
Dalton Farm


National Park HQ
Southwest Harbor
Harbor Grand Hotel
Brooke's Head Lighthouse
Ruined Church

Plane wrecksPlane wrecks

Horizon Flight 1207


Waves Crest Orphanage

Factories / plantsFactories / plants

Eagle's Cove Tannery
Echo Lake Lumber
Vim! Pop Factory


Atom's Spring
Briney's Bait and Tackle
National Park Campground
Old Pond House
Haddock Cove
Radiant Crest Shrine