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A New Dawn Main Story, Brotherhood of Steel Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete The Nuclear Option quest.

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Stages of "A New Dawn" quest

1. Return to the Prydwen

The Institute has been totally destroyed. Elder Maxson has ordered me back to the Prydwen for my final debriefing.

Return to the Prydwen

2. Speak to Elder Maxson

Talk to him and Captain Kells at the Prydwen Command Deck. Yuo will be granted the title of Sentinel and jetpack modification for your power armor (T-60 Jet Pack).

Speak to Elder Maxson

Jetpack in action. To jetpack, press and hold [Jump] while in the air. Jetpack use consumes your Fusion Core's charge (Becouse it uses Action Points).

Speak to Elder Maxson

3. Quest completed

For my part in the destruction of the Institute, I've been promoted to Sentinel. My primary mission might be complete, but there's still plenty of work to do to ensure the total security of the Commonwealth.

If you took Shaun with you, then you can speak with him at The Prydwen. He will give you a holotape with a message from Father.

Quest completed