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A New Threat DLC, Automatron Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Mechanical Menace quest.

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Stages of "A New Threat" quest

1. Investigate General Atomics Factory

Ada said she saw the Mechanist's robots at the General Atomics Factory. I may be able to find something there to help us discover where the Mechanist is.

Investigate General Atomics Factory

On the upper floor you will find Cybermech Robobrain, kill him and loot Mechanist Device.

Investigate General Atomics Factory

2. Search the Robobrain

While searching General Atomics, I discovered a robobrain. Somehow I need to search this new robot and see if I can find anything that will lead me to the Mechanist.

Search the Robobrain

3. Speak to Ada

I should ask Ada about the strange device I found on the robobrain.

4. Build the Robot Workbench

Ada suggested I use a robot workbench to install the radar beacon on her, but first I need to find a workbench to build one.

Build the Robot Workbench

5. Speak to Ada

Now that I've built the robot workbench, I should speak to Ada to let her know it's ready.

6. Install Radar Beacon on Ada

Now that the robot workbench is built, I can use it to install the radar beacon on Ada.

Install Radar Beacon on Ada

7. Speak to Ada

I successfully installed the radar beacon on Ada. I should speak to her and find out what she's learned from it.

8. Quest completed

Next / new quest is Headhunting (DLC, Automatron).