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Butcher's Bill 2 The Railroad Quest

To get this quest, talk to Doctor Carrington in the Railroad HQ.

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Stages of "Butcher's Bill 2" quest

1. Go to the Dead Drop for Doctor Carrington

Potentially a survivor made it out of the Augusta Safehouse disaster. His name is Blackbird and he was spotted recently. I've been asked to gather more details at a dead drop and rescue him.

Go to the location (random) and get the Blackbird Report from the mailbox.

Go to the Dead Drop for Doctor Carrington

2. Find Agent Blackbird

The runner reports that he saw Blackbird, but he was badly injured. I'm supposed to go to the target location and save him. Hopefully I can get to him before it's too late.

You have to go to the location marked on your map. Unfortunately Blackbird is dead. Take Note from Blackbird.

Possible locations: The Shamrock Taphouse, Federal Ration Stockpile, etc.

Find Agent Blackbird

3. Report back to Doctor Carrington

I found Blackbird's corpse. His note indicated everyone at Augusta was killed. I should report the bad news to Doctor Carrington.

4. Quest completed

Doctor Carrington wasn't surprised that Blackbird was killed. Rest in peace, Augusta Safehouse.