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Human Error Quest

To start this quest, visit the Covenant and talk to Honest Dan. To enter the Covenant, you have to talk to Swanson and pass his SAFE test.

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Stages of "Human Error" quest

1. Starting location

Starting location

Starting location

2. Search Covenant for clues

Honest Dan's been hired to find Stockton's missing caravan. He wants me to investigate Covenant looking for clues. He knows the little settlement's involved.

Option #1

Find Jacob's Password (close the door before trying to steal it, it helps) and use it to unlock the terminal in the office - read Fishermen report (Draft). Jacob's house will be open between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. but you can also pickpocket a key.

Search Covenant for clues

Search Covenant for clues

Search Covenant for clues

Option #2

Talk to Penny Fitzgerald. If you are lucky (charisma ofc.) then she will tell you, that "Compound" exists. But she won't tell you where it is located.

2.1. (Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues

(Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues

Look around and grab the can of Deezer's Lemonade (lemonade sold by the robot in the Covenant).

(Optional) Search destroyed caravan for clues

3. Find the location of the secret Compound

This stage will be active only if you know that the "Compound" exists but don't know where it is (i.e. Penny Fitzgerald told you about it).

While investigating Covenant, I found evidence that Stockton's caravan was taken to a "Compound." Now I just need to find its location.

4. Find the Covenant Compound

While investigating in Covenant, I found proof that the survivors of Stockton's caravan were taken to a nearby "Compound." I can let Honest Dan know or go to the Compound by myself.

If you talked to Jacob Orden about your investigation then he will be waiting for you near the gate and will try to bribe you (100 caps) to stop your investigation. If you find a compromise (charisma check) then:

I tried convincing Jacob Orden to give me the Stockton caravan survivors peacefully. He said he couldn't make that deal, but he'd send word ahead to the Compound so I can make my case to them.

Find the Covenant Compound

The entrance to the Compound is on the other side of the lake.

Find the Covenant Compound

4.1. (Optional) Talk with Honest Dan

Talk to him if you want to go to the Compound together.

5. Search for any caravan survivors

There are guards waiting for you inside, you can try to convince them (charisma check, it will be easier if you made a deal with Jacob Orden). If you are lucky then ...

At the Compound, I convinced Manny to escort me to Doctor Chambers so I could discuss Stockton's caravan with her.

... otherwise you have to kill them and grab the key for master-locked doors from Manny's body.

Conflict with the armed guards at the Compound was inevitable. Now I have to fight my way through them to find any survivors of Stockton's caravan. Especially Amelia Stockton.

Search for any caravan survivors

Dr. Roslyn Chambers is in the last room of the compound.

Search for any caravan survivors

6. Rescue Amelia Stockton

If you want to help Amelia then you have to kill Dr. Roslyn Chambers, talk to Amelia and use terminal to unlock cell 1.

Rescue Amelia Stockton

6.1. (Optional) Wait for Chambers to kill Amelia

7. Talk with Dr. Chambers

Stage available if you let Chambers to kill Amelia.

7.1. Quest completed

Doctor Chambers paid me to let Covenant continue to perfect their Synth detection test. Amelia Stockton was executed. Sacrifices had to be made.

8. Talk with Honest Dan

Honest Dan and I found a survivor from the Stockton caravan massacre. I should talk with Dan for my cut of the reward.

Talk with Honest Dan

8.1. Quest completed

It turns out, Covenant has been working on a Synth detection test. Poor Amelia Stockton was kidnapped and tortured because of it. After what Honest Dan and I did, I doubt I'll receive a warm welcome back at Covenant.

9. Find Old Man Stockton

I rescued Amelia Stockton from Doctor Chambers. Her father, Old Man Stockton, is at Bunker Hill. I should see him about getting a reward.

Find Old Man Stockton

9.1. Quest completed

Stockton knows that his daughter is a synth.