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Jackpot: {name} The Railroad Quest

To get this quest, talk to PAM in the Railroad HQ.

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Mercer Safehouse quest.

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Stages of "Jackpot: {name}" quest

1. Secure the DIA cache

PAM is sending me to secure a DIA Cache that is hidden in an old world building. I have a RFID device that will unlock the cache when I get nearby.

Possible names: Ruined Skyscraper, Hub 360, etc.

Ruined Skyscrapper: Entrance is on the top of the building - Pinnacle Highrise. Use metal stairs outside the building to get there.

Secure the DIA cache

2. Report back to PAM

As soon as I got near the DIA Cache it opened like magic. There were a whole bunch of goodies inside. Runners will pick it up later. Time to report back to PAM.

Report back to PAM

3. Quest completed

The DIA Cache is secure and the Railroad has more tools to help Synths.

Reward : 300 caps.