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Liberty Reprimed Main Story, Brotherhood of Steel Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete From Within, Outside the Wire quests.

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Stages of "Liberty Reprimed" quest

1. Speak to Proctor Ingram

I've been informed that Proctor Ingram has a special project that requires my immediate assistance.

She is waiting for you at the Boston Airport.

2. Follow Proctor Ingram

3. Speak to Proctor Ingram

I've discovered that Proctor Ingram's special project is the reconstruction of Liberty Prime, the Brotherhood of Steel's massive war machine. It looks like it needs a lot of work to get up and running.

Speak to Proctor Ingram

4. Speak to Doctor Li

This stage will be available if you convinced Dr Li to join Brotherhood of Steel - From Within quest.

In order to get Liberty Prime's power systems stabilized, Proctor Ingram has asked me to speak to Doctor Li on the Prydwen. Apparently, the thought of working on the huge robot has given her second thoughts.

Speak to Doctor Li

5. Speak to Proctor Ingram

I was able to convince Doctor Li to work on Liberty Prime without incident. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.

Speak to Proctor Ingram

6. Locate a High-Powered Magnet

To assist in the construction of Liberty Prime's limbs, I need to recover a High-Powered Magnet. One of the hospital ruins should have the part that I need.

You have to visit one of the hospitals, i.e. Milton General Hospital, etc.

Locate a High-Powered Magnet

7. Construct Electromagnetic Actuators (0/4)

Using High-Powered Magnets, I need to build four Electromagnetic Actuators at the airport's workshop.

Construct Electromagnetic Actuators (0/4)

8. Speak to Proctor Ingram

I've successfully built four Electromagnetic Actuators. I should inform Proctor Ingram of my progress.

9. Speak to Scribe Haylen

Proctor Ingram has ordered me to recover enough Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs to fully arm Liberty Prime. I'm supposed to meet Scribe Haylen at the edge of the Glowing Sea for further instructions.

She is waiting for you at Waypoint Echo.

Speak to Scribe Haylen

10. Locate the Bomb Storage Facility

Scribe Haylen has sent me into the Glowing Sea to find a stockpile of Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs. She provided me with a Distress Pulser to signal her when the weapons have been located.

You have to go to the Glowing Sea and find the Sentinel Site.

Locate the Bomb Storage Facility

11. Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile

Find this terminal and use it to Abort Launch Sequence.

Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile

Go to the lowest level, proceed the tunnels and find the control room with Brother Henri inside. Convince / Kill him and use his terminal to open big red doors to the stockpile.

Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile

Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile

Locate the Mark 28 Nuke Stockpile

12. Activate the Distress Pulser

13. Return to Proctor Ingram

14. Activate Liberty Prime

With Liberty Prime fully complete, all that remains is turning on his power switch for the first time.

Activate Liberty Prime

15. Speak to Proctor Ingram

You will receive T-60 Medic Pump as a reward for your duty.

Speak to Proctor Ingram

16. Quest completed

[LOG] Liberty Prime is back online.