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Spoils of War Main Story, Brotherhood of Steel Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Tactical Thinking quest.

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Stages of "Spoils of War" quest

1. Speak to Proctor Ingram

I've been informed that Proctor Ingram once again has requested my assistance at the airport.

Speak to Proctor Ingram

2. Fly to Mass Fusion or Inform the Institute

I need to recover something called the "Beryllium Agitator" from the ruins of Mass Fusion. I should board a vertibird and head over there as soon as possible.

If you stay in the Institute's good graces then a new quest will begin - Mass Fusion.

Go to The Prydwen and use vertibird.

Warning: Boarding the vertibird to Mass Fusion will make you a permanent enemy of the Institute.

Fly to Mass Fusion or Inform the Institute

Fly to Mass Fusion or Inform the Institute

3. Jump to Mass Fusion's Roof

4. Locate the Beryllium Agitator

I've arrived at Mass Fusion. I should begin searching the Executive Suites on the roof of the building for any traces of the Beryllium Agitator.

Locate a desk and grab Mass Fusion Executive Lab Password and Mass Fusion Executive ID. Unlock the Executive Research Lab Terminal and check IntraMails for the information.

Locate the Beryllium Agitator

Locate the Beryllium Agitator

5. Proceed to the Reactor Level

One of the terminals at Mass Fusion has indicated that the Beryllium Agitator is located in the building's basement reactor. I'll need to find a keycard to access the facility's executive elevator.

Proceed to the Reactor Level

5.1. (Optional) Restore Power to the Elevator

Find a Circuit Breaker and use it.

(Optional) Restore Power to the Elevator

6. Enter the Reactor Chamber

After fighting my way through Mass Fusion, I've arrived at the Reactor Level. I now need to find a way to remove the Beryllium Agitator from the reactor.

Enter the Reactor Chamber

Go through the decontamination chamber.

Enter the Reactor Chamber

7. Unlock the Reactor

Unlock the Reactor

8. Take the Beryllium Agitator

Mass Fusion's reactor is now unlocked, and should allow me access to the Beryllium Agitator.

Take the Beryllium Agitator

9. Eliminate Reactor Level Security

10. Exit Mass Fusion

With the Beryllium Agitator in hand, I should head back up to Mass Fusion's lobby and exit the building.

10.1. (Optional) Assist Brotherhood Forces in the Lobby

Institute Synths are trying to prevent me from leaving with the Beryllium Agitator. I could help my fellow Brotherhood soldiers fight them off, or I could leave the building as fast as possible.

11. Return to Boston Airport

I've successfully helped the Brotherhood fend off the Institute Synth's attack on Mass Fusion. I should now bring the Beryllium Agitator to Proctor Ingram at the airport.

12. Speak to Proctor Ingram

Speak to Proctor Ingram

13. Quest completed

Now that the Beryllium Agitator is safely in the Brotherhood's hands, it can be used to restart Liberty Prime's reactor core.