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The Disappearing Act Quest

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Stages of "The Disappearing Act" quest

1. Search Earl Sterling's House for Clues

I've offered to help Nick and Ellie find out what happened to Earl Sterling, a bartender at The Dugout Inn. I need to find a way into Earl's home, see if I can turn up any clues to his whereabouts...

His house is in Diamond City Market, next to The Dugout Inn.

Search Earl Sterling's House for Clues

Inside the house search for Surgery Receipt.

Search Earl Sterling's House for Clues

1.1. (Optional) Obtain the Key to Earl Sterling's House

Vadim Bobrov has it, he is Earl's friend. Just talk to him in The Dugout Inn.

2. Investigate the Mega Surgery Center

Earl got a receipt for facial reconstruction surgery from Doctor Crocker at the Mega Surgery Center. Maybe he knows what happened to Earl.

Talk to Doctor Sun or examine Tracks of Blood.

Investigate the Mega Surgery Center

3. Investigate the Surgery Cellar

I discovered a suspicious blood trail leading into the Mega Surgery Center basement. Could this be a clue to Earl's whereabouts? I need to find out what's down there.

3.1. (Optional) Obtain the Key to Surgery Cellar

You can try to persuade Doctor Sun to open it for you or, when failed, just unlock it (Advanced).

4. Talk to Ellie

I discovered what happened to Earl - Doc Crocker killed him during a botched surgery.

Talk to Ellie

5. Quest completed