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The Gilded Grasshopper Quest

To start this quest pick up Marty Bullfinch Case File inside Nick Valentine's Office and listen to Marty Bullfinch Holotape.

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Stages of "The Gilded Grasshopper" quest

1. Find the Gilded Grasshopper

Nick's former partner, Marty Bullfinch, believes there's a treasure map hidden in the Gilded Grasshopper on top of Faneuil Hall. I should pay the hall a visit.

Go to Faneuil Hall, enter the building and go up until you find a ladder leading to the roof. Exit on the roof.

In one of the room on the top floor you will find magazine Live & Love.

On the roof you will find Marty Bullfinch body and Gilded Grasshopper.

Find the Gilded Grasshopper

2. Read "Food for the Grasshopper"

I recovered an old note from inside the Gilded Grasshopper - "Food for the Grasshopper." I wonder what it says...

3. Find Shem Drowne's grave

The note inside the Gilded Grasshopper seems to point towards Shem Drowne's grave. Time to see what it still holds.

Find Shem Drowne's grave and dig it.

Find Shem Drowne's grave

4. Quest completed

You can take Shem Drowne Sword from his grave.

Quest completed