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The Glowing Sea Main Story Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Dangerous Minds quest.

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Stages of "The Glowing Sea" quest

1. Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

I need to find Virgil, the escaped Institute scientist, in a cave southwest of the crater in the Glowing Sea and hope that he can help me reach the Institute.

Go to the Edge of the Glowing Sea, then move to Crater of Atom ant speak with Mother Isolde and ask her about Virgil - He is hiding in the Rocky Cave.

Edge of the Glowing Sea

Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

Mother Isolde in the Crater of Atom

Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

Make a save game outside the cave. Enter the cave and DON'T attack anything (turrets, robot), go inside and talk to Virgil, he will tell you how to get into the Institute. If he is hostile, just reload :-)

Find Virgil in the Glowing Sea

2. Quest completed

I spoke with Virgil, an Institute scientist who willingly turned himself into a Super Mutant to escape. He's told me that the key to teleporting into the Institute is a chip from an Institute Courser. I'll need to track one down and kill it.

2.1. (Miscellaneous) Find Virgil's Serum

To fullfill his request, first you need to gain an access to The Institute. Serum is in the old Virgil's lab. You will be able to get it during From Within quest.

(Miscellaneous) Find Virgil's Serum

(Miscellaneous) Find Virgil's Serum

Next / new quest is Hunter/Hunted (Main Story).