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The Silver Shroud Quest

Someone named Kent Connolly is calling all Silver Shroud fans for an "urgent mission." If I want to check it out he's at the Memory Den.

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Stages of "The Silver Shroud" quest

1. Talk with Kent Connolly

Someone named Kent Connolly is calling all Silver Shroud fans for an "urgent mission." If I want to check it out he's at the Memory Den.

He is inside one of the rooms of Memory Den in Goodneighbor.

Talk with Kent Connolly

2. Get the Silver Shroud costume

A ghoul named Kent Connolly wants to play caped crusader as the Silver Shroud. But he's missing a genuine Silver Shroud costume which can be found at a local Hubris Comics.

Get the Silver Shroud costume

3. Give Kent the Silver Shroud costume

I found Kent's costume in a feral-infested comic book store. He'll pay handsomely if I bring it to him.

4. Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor

So Kent's going to use his radio station like a police scanner. I'm supposed to wear the costume, patrol Goodneighbor's streets, tune in, and fight crime. What could go wrong?

5. Kill Wayne Delancy

Apparently Wayne Delancy is a low-life who murdered a mother and her kid. Kent wants me to deal out some Silver Shroud justice then leave a calling card on his corpse.

6. Put calling card on Wayne's body

7. Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor

Wayne Delancy's dead. So time to listen in on Kent's radio station for my next assignment.

8. Deal with AJ

AJ is a chem dealer who has been peddling his garbage to kids. So Kent wants the Silver Shroud to strike again. And leave another calling card.

Deal with AJ

9. Put calling card on AJ's body

10. Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor

The AJ situation is dealt with. Let's see what Kent has next with his little radio station.

11. Talk with Whitechapel Charlie

So it sounds like I'm targeting another psychopath - an assassin named Kendra. Whitechapel Charlie at the Third Rail can help me track her down. Costume optional.

Talk with Whitechapel Charlie

12. Kill Kendra

Whitechapel Charlie backed up Kent's tale about Kendra. With some persuasion the bartender gave up her whereabouts. Water Street Apartments. Deal with her then leave my patented calling card.

Kill Kendra

13. Put calling card on Kendra's body

14. Listen to Silver Shroud station in Goodneighbor

Kendra and her goons have been dispatched. It's back to Goodneighbor and Kent's radio station to learn what's next.

14.1. (Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller

To get  this subtask loot Contract: Shelly Tiller from Kendra's body.

She could be found on the second floor of the National Guard Training Yard.

(Optional) Assassinate Shelly Tiller

15. Meet with Hancock as the Shroud

So Hancock wants to meet the Silver Shroud. I wonder how he feels about me killing people on his streets?

16. Kill Northy

Hancock informed me that a dangerous raider named Sinjin is planning revenge against the Shroud. If I deal with Smiling Kate and Northy, hopefully I can find Sinjin's whereabouts.

17. Kill Smilling Kate

18. Search body for clues

Loot Find the Silver Shroud.

Search body for clues

19. Find Kent

Sinjin's heading to Goodneighbor to pay a "special" visit to Kent. I need to get to the Memory Den quickly. Kent is in trouble.

Go back to Memory Den and talk to Irma.

20. Kill Sinjin

Sinjin's kidnapped Kent and is holding him hostage at Milton General Hospital. He's setting a trap for the Silver Shroud. He's going to get more than he bargained for.

Kill Sinjin

20.1. (Optional) Save Kent Connolly

20.1.1. Talk with Kent

Only if you were able to save Kent.

Sinjin's down and Kent's been saved. I should check in on him. Kent looks pretty rattled.

21. Meet with Hancock as the Shroud

After being tortured by Sinjin, Kent was understandably rattled. But he's alive and heading back to Goodneighbor. I should do the same. Hancock promised me a reward.


Sinjin's been dealt with but Kent didn't make it. But Mayor Hancock's job was to kill Sinjin, so I'm still owed a reward.

22. Quest completed