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Tradecraft Main Story, The Railroad Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Road to Freedom quest.

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Stages of "Tradecraft" quest

1. Talk with Deacon

If I want to have more dealings with the Railroad, I should talk with Deacon. He's the mysterious man who vouched for me when I met with Desdemona, the Railroad's leader.

Talk with Deacon

2. Meet Deacon at the old highway

Deacon wants to help me join the Railroad. In order to join, I have to help him on a mission. He said he'd meet me by the old freeway outside Lexington.

Meet Deacon at the old highway

3. Follow Deacon and find the "tourist"

The Railroad's old base is near Lexington. Before we go inside, Deacon wants to get information from someone who's helping the Railroad - a "tourist." So it's time to follow Deacon.

Follow him, then talk to Ricky Dalton. The password is "Mine is in the shop".

Follow Deacon and find the "tourist"

4. Talk to Deacon

Talk to Deacon

5. Get inside the escape tunnel

The Railroad's old base is crawling with older model Synths. Deacon suggests we use the back entrance to get inside and complete this mysterious errand we're on.

Get inside the escape tunnel

5.1. (Optional) Enter base through front entrance

You can't use it becouse the elevator is not powered up so you are forced to use escape tunnel.

6. Get Carrington's Prototype

Somewhere inside the Railroad's old base is a prototype that a Doctor Carrington needs. Deacon says we can expect serious resistance from "Gen 1" and "Gen 2" Synths.

The first terminal inside the sewers is master-locked but Deacon can hack it for you, just talk to him.

Get Carrington's Prototype

Travel through the tunnels and rooms of the Switchboard. 

You will find Power Core Generator in a small room adjacent to the main control room. There is also an issue of U.S. Covert Operations Manual magazine on the desk inside the main control room.

In the end you get to the door that resembles a giant safe. Let Deacon open the door, Carrington's Prototype is on the shelf inside.

Get Carrington's Prototype

Get Carrington's Prototype

There is a body of Tommy Whispers lying on the ground. Deacon will take and give you his weapon - Deliverer.

Get Carrington's Prototype

7. Leave The Switchboard

Now that we've recovered the prototype from the Switchboard, it's time to return it to Desdemona. She'll be at the meeting place underneath the Old North Church.

Go to the room with elevator, use terminal to power it up, use elevator, move bookcase blocking an exit and go outside.

Leave The Switchboard

8. Meet Deacon at the Old North Church

Meet Deacon at the Old North Church

9. Quest completed.

I impressed Desdemona enough with my actions at Switchboard that she asked me to join the Railroad.

You are now a member of The Railroad and Deacon can be your companion.