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Vault 75 Quest

This quests starts automatically when you enter the Vault 75 elevator in the Malden Middle School basement.

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Stages of "Vault 75" quest

1. Explore Vault 75

Locate locked lab doors with Lab Access Card Reader.

2. Find Lab Access Card

Go to the lowest level of the vault, kill Gunner Commander and loot Vault 75 Lab Access Card.

Find Lab Access Card

3. Access Laboratory Area

4. Explore Laboratory

Locate overseer doors with Admin Access Card Reader. You need another card.

5. Find Admin Access Card

Find and kill Gunner with Vault 75 Admin Access Card.

Don't forget to pick up Science Bobblehead. It's on the table in the same room.

Find Admin Access Card

6. Access Admin Area

7. Explore Admin Area

Find and access an Overseer's Terminal. Use it to open doors to private admin room, there is Grognak The Barbarian magazine inside.

Explore Admin Area

8. Quest completed