Fallout 4 Atlas

Defend {name of settlement} Minutmen Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Taking Independence quest.

Stages of "Defend {name of settlement}" quest

1. Travel to {name of settlement}

I heard on Radio Freedom that {name of settlement} is under threat from Institute synths.

Possible settlements: Greentop Nursery, Nordhagen Beach, etc.

Travel to {name of settlement}

2. Build defenses

The people of {name of settlement} are worried that Institute synths are preparing to attack. I should do what I can to build up their defenses before it's too late.

Build defenses

3. Help defend {name of settlement}

I should help defend {name of settlement} from the Institute synths.

4. Talk to people of {name of settlement}

The Institute synth attack on {name of settlement} was defeated.

5. Quest completed