Fallout 4 Atlas

Taking Independence Main Story, Minutmen Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Raider Troubles at Oberland Station quest.

Stages of "Taking Independence" quest

1. Meet the Minutemen near the Castle

Preston Garvey thinks it's time for the Minutemen to retake "The Castle", an old fort that used to be their main base of operations.

2. Decide on a plan of attack

I've met Preston Garvey and a group of Minutemen near the Castle. We need need to agree on a plan of attack.

3. Wait for the Minutemen to get into position

Preston Garvey and the Minutemen are forming up to attack the Castle on my signal.

4. Clear the courtyard

Preston Garvey and the Minutemen are attacking the Castle. Our first objective is to clear the Mirelurks from the fort's courtyard.

5. Destroy the egg clutches

We've eliminated the Mirelurks from the Castle courtyard. The next step is to find and destroy their eggs before they can hatch.

6. Kill the Mirelurk Queen

While we were clearing the Mirelurk eggs from the Castle, we seem to have attracted the angry attention of a huge Mirelurk Queen.

7. Meet the Minutemen in the courtyard

We've finished clearing out the Mirelurks. The Castle is back under the control of the Minutemen.

8. Power up the radio transmitter

The Castle is back under our control. The next step is to get the old radio transmitter powered up.

You need to build enough power generators to produce 10 energy.

9. Talk to Preston Garvey

The Castle is back under out control, and Radio Freedom can now broadcast across the whole Commonwealth.

You will receive three new quests: Returning the Favor, Raider Troubles at Nordhagen Beach and Ghoul Problem at Greentop Nursery.

10. Quest completed