Fallout 4 Atlas

Returning the Favor Minutmen Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Taking Independence quest.

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Stages of "Returning the Favor" quest

1. Travel to Abernathy Farm

I heard a broadcast over Radio Freedom about the settlement that needs help. I need to speak with someone at Abernathy Farm who can give me more details on the trouble they're having.

2. Retrieve Mary's Locket in USAF Satellite Station Olivia

Blake Abernathy asked me to retrieve his late daughter's locket from the Raiders that murdered her. He believes I'll find them at USAF Satellite Station Olivia.

Enter the building and find the Toolbox with Locket inside.

Retrieve Mary's Locket in USAF Satellite Station Olivia

3. Report your success to Blake Abernathy

I was able to retrieve the locket that the Raiders stole. I need to return to Abernathy Farm and make sure Blake gets it. He'll be grateful to have it back.

4. Quest completed