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Show No Mercy Main Story, Brotherhood of Steel Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Tour of Duty quest.

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Stages of "Show No Mercy" quest

1. Meet with Elder Maxson

Now that I've familiarized myself with the Prydwen and her crew, I'm supposed to meet Elder Maxson on the Flight Deck for my first mission.

Meet with Elder Maxson

2. Board the Vertibird Gunship

Elder Maxson has ordered me to head out to nearby Fort Strong and cleanse it of all hostile Super Mutant forces. There's a vertibird standing by on the Prydwen's Flight Deck that will fly me to the location.

Board the Vertibird Gunship

3. Kill the Super Mutant Behemoth

Kill the Super Mutant Behemoth

4. Secure Fort Strong

Use the vertibird gun to kill all the remaining super mutants.

Secure Fort Strong

5. Secure Fort Strong Armory

Enter the building and kill all the mutans at the ground level. Use an elevator to get to the lower level and kill the rest of the super mutants.

Secure Fort Strong Armory

Secure Fort Strong Armory

6. Speak to Paladin Danse

I've exterminated all Super Mutant forces at Fort Strong. I should link speak to Paladin Danse before I head back to the Prydwen.

You can try to convince him to tell you why he hates the super mutants so much.

Speak to Paladin Danse

7. Speak to Elder Maxson

Paladin Danse has ordered me to return to the Prydwen to speak with Elder Maxson.

Speak to Elder Maxson

So now, you have to find out how to get into The Institute.

8. Quest completed

Elder Maxson was pleased with my work at Fort Strong and has provided me with Vertibird Signal Grenades to call in a vertibird if I need it for travel.

Quest completed