Fallout 4 Atlas

Tour of Duty Main Story, Brotherhood of Steel Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Shadow of Steel quest.

Stages of "Tour of Duty" quest

1. Meet Knight-Captain Cade

In order to become an effective part of the Brotherhood, Elder Maxson has ordered me to tour the Prydwen and familiarize myself with her crew.

Meet Knight-Captain Cade

2. Meet Proctor Quinlan

Meet Proctor Quinlan

He has an extra task for you.

2.1. (Miscellaneous) Collect Technical Documents for Proctor Quinlan

3. Meet Proctor Teagan

Trader - weapons, ammo, etc.

Come back to him after the tour is finished and you will get another quest - Feeding the Troops.

Meet Proctor Teagan

4. Meet Proctor Ingram

You can try to convince her to tell you the story of how she lost her legs.

Meet Proctor Ingram

5. Quest completed

I've completed my tour of the Prydwen, and introduced myself to some of the important members of her crew.