Fallout 4 Atlas

Stop the Raiding at [SETTLEMENT] Minutmen Quest

I heard on Radio Freedom that a friendly settlement is asking for help from the Minutemen.

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Taking Independence quest.

Stages of "Stop the Raiding at [SETTLEMENT]" quest

1. Travel to [SETTLEMENT]

Possible settlements: Sunshine Tidings Co-op

Travel to [SETTLEMENT]

2. Kill the raiders in [RAIDERS' DUNGEON]

A gang of Raiders has been terrorizing [SETTLEMENT]. I need to find them, and make sure they'll never be a threat to anyone else again.

Possible raiders' dungeons: Federal Ration Stockpile.

Kill the raiders in [RAIDERS' DUNGEON]

3. Report your success to the people of [SETTLEMENT]

I was able to take out the leader of the nearby Raider gang. They should no longer be a threat to anyone. I need to return to [SETTLEMENT] and let them know they're safe.

4. Quest completed