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Emogene Takes a Lover Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Special Delivery quest.

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Stages of "Emogene Takes a Lover" quest

1. Talk to Edward

I should talk to Edward Deegan about my next mission.

Talk to Edward

2. Find Emogene Cabot

My next mission is to find Jack Cabot's missing sister Emogene. Edward said that she likes to hang out at the Third Rail in Goodneighbor, should I should start looking for her there.

Find Emogene Cabot

Emogene is locked inside her room at the back of the amphitheater. Try to persuade Brother Thomas to release her. If you fail you can kill him and then loot a key from his body.

Find Emogene Cabot

2.1. (Optional) Ask around the Third Rail about Emogene

Go to the bar, talk to Whitechapel Charlie, then talk to Magnolia. She will call Ham and he will give you Pillars of the Community Flier.

I've learned that Emogene Cabot may have taken up with a cult leader named Brother Thomas, who seems to operate out of the Charles View Amphitheater.

(Optional) Ask around the Third Rail about Emogene

3. Return to Cabot House

I've rescued Emogene Cabot from the cult that had imprisoned her. I should return to Cabot House to tell Jack the good news.

4. Talk to Jack

I returned to Cabot House after rescuing Emogene. Edward Deegan seems to be missing. I should find out from Jack what's going on.

Talk to Jack

5. Quest completed

Next / new quest is The Secret of Cabot House.