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Jewel of the Commonwealth Main Story Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete When Freedom Calls quest.

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Stages of "Jewel of the Commonwealth" quest

1. Go to Diamond City

The Diamond City should be marked on your pip-boy map.

Diamond City is the largest settlement in the Commonwealth. It's the best place to begin the search for Shaun.

Go to Diamond City

Talk to Piper waiting outside closed Diamond City gates.

Go to Diamond City

Inside you can talk to the mayor McDonough and Piper or go directly to the market.

Either way you will get a new quest - Story of the Century.

2. Find Information about Shaun

Talk to Moe Cronin. Persuade or bribe him, then he will direct you to the Valentine Detective Agency. You can skip this stage and go directly to the Nick Valentine's Agency.

Find Information about Shaun

3. Go to Valentine's Detective Agency

I've discovered that Diamond City is the home of a detective, Nick Valentine. He might be able to help me find Shaun.

Go to the agency and talk to Ellie Perkins. The detective is missing so offer her your help in finding Nick Valentine.

Go to Valentine's Detective Agency

Go to Valentine's Detective Agency

4. Quest Completed

I need to find Nick Valentine, the detective who could help me locate Shaun. Nick was last seen heading to Park Street Station on a case.

Next / new quest is Unlikely Valentine (Main Story).