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Best Left Forgotten DLC, Far Harbor Quest

This quest will be triggered or can be aquired when you complete Where You Belong quest.

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Stages of "Best Left Forgotten" quest

1. Gain access to DiMA's terminal

It turns out that DiMA's earliest memories are in the hands of the Children of Atom. I need to access those memories and find out what's in them.

You have to go to The Nucleus. Outside the entrance you will meet Grand Zealot Richter. Tell him that you want to join Child of Atom, then he will give you another quest - Visions in the Fog. Completing this quest will grant you an access to The Nucleus.

Gain access to DiMA's terminal

Gain access to DiMA's terminal

Inside the Nucleus head to the Nucleus Command Center, entrance is on the top level.

Gain access to DiMA's terminal

Inside you will have to fight against some mechanical enemies. In the end, you get to the terminal.

Gain access to DiMA's terminal

Power is offline so find Auxiliary Power Switch (behind the terminal) and activate it.

Gain access to DiMA's terminal

Now you can use the terminal.

2. Retrieve DiMA's memories

I've accessed the terminal in the Nucleus that contains DiMA's offloaded memories. I need to use DiMA's hacking program to gain access to the first memory.

You have to retreive 5 DiMA's memories. Each of them is a special level, some kind of semi-workshop, logical puzzle.

Retrieve DiMA's memories

2.1. Retrieve Memory 0V-9AX0, 0J-2NN8, 0H-3X0P, 0Z-7A4K and 0Y-8K7D

Only the first three memories are necessary for game progression. Completing the fourth simulation will unlock additional dialogue with Nick Valentine.

Each simulation / level rules are the same:

1. Make the path for the Indexers (they look like small bugs) from the entrance (blue light) to the memories source (yellow light). To make paths move Code Blocks, only some of them are moveable.

2. Use Decoder Relays to redirect green light beam and use it to destroy red barriers.

3. When path is ready, place Defence Contructs to protect your Indexers.

2.1.1. Redirect the Decoder Relay to hit the Firewall

2.1.2. Build and Position the Defense Constructs to protect your Indexers

3. Uncover DiMA's Secret Medical Facility

DiMA's memories are pointing me to secrets he's hidden across the island. I need to investigate these, as well as access his remaining memories to see what else he's hiding. I'm downloading each memory on a holotape in case I need to review it later.

Go to the Vim! Pop Factory. When you enter the building then you will receive new quest The Way Life Should Be.

Uncover DiMA's Secret Medical Facility

4. Uncover the Location of the Nuclear Launch Key

Once you enter the Harbor Grand Hotel, this stage will conclude and you will receive a new quest - Cleansing the Land.

5. Recover the Wind Farm Kill Switch Code

6. Quest completed