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Tamriel (Political Map) world mapThe Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) Maps

Political map of Tamriel in the Second Era, showing the three alliances (Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact, Aldmeri Dominion) and Imperial territory (Cyrodiil), as seen in The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Points of interest located on this map

Aldmeri Dominionmark on map

The Aldmeri Dominon stretches over the provinces of Summerset Isles, Valenwood and Elsweyr. Its capital is Elden Root, hidden deep within the forests of Valenwood.

Cyrodiilmark on map

Cyrodiil is the center and capital of the Empire, home of the Imperials, and of the Emperor himself. Each player can enter the territory of Cyrodiil after reaching 10th level. Game has special "protection" for players with low levels. When such player enters Cyrodiil he receives temporary bonus of health, magicka and stamina. This bonus will increase its chances to survive. But the best PvP experience can be received after reaching highest level.

Daggerfall Covenantmark on map

The Daggerfall Covenant stretches over the provinces of High Rock, Hammerfell and Orsinium. Its capital is the city of Wayrest, built on two shores of the Bjoulsae River in High Rock.

Ebonheart Pactmark on map

The Ebonheart Pact stretched over the provinces of Skyrim, Morrowind and Black Marsh. Its capital was the city of Mournhold, located on the mainland of Morrowind, the homeland of the Dunmer.

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