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Kaer Morhen Map The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Kaer Morhen meaning "Keep of the Sea of Yore", is home to a school of witchers. Years ago keep was destroyed and its inhabitants murdered during a massive pogrom. Currently only a handful of witchers winter here before setting out again on the Path.


Once discovered, signposts allow you to travel directly from one location to another. Walk up to a signpost and use it to open ingame map.

SignpostBastion SignpostIron Mine SignpostKaer Morhen SignpostLakeside Hut SignpostRuined Watchtower

Places of Power

When you draw on a Place of Power for the first time, you receive an additional Ability Point.

Place of powerIgni Sign

Witcher Gear Diagrams / Scavenger Hunt

It's always some kind of box, chest or a corpse containing witcher gear diagrams required for scavenger hunt quests.

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Diagrams

Skeleton inside Hieronymus' Portal Cave.

Diagram: Wolven armor

Diagram: Wolven gauntlets

Diagram: Wolven trousers

Diagram: Wolven boots

Notes written in a shaky hand

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Diagrams

The skeleton lying among the ruins of burned building.

Diagram: Wolven steel sword

Varin's journal

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Diagrams

The Skeleton sitting by the wall of ruined tower.

Diagram: Wolven silver sword

Journal kept by Chird, the mage Hieronymus' assistant

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2

Chest is on the rock, just below the surface of the water.

Diagram: Enhanced Wolven trousers

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2

Chest is inside Forktail's Lair.

Diagram: Enhanced Wolven gauntlets

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2

Chest is on the wooden scaffolding above the gate.

Diagram: Wolven steel sword - enhanced

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4

Small box lying on rock altar inside Iron Mine.

Diagram: Superior Wolven gauntlets

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4

Chest is inside Trials of the Grasses Cave.

It's hidden behind small stalagmites, destroy them.

Diagram: Superior Wolven trousers

Scavenger huntWolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 4

Chest is inside the biggest cave in Waterfall Cave.

Diagram: Superior Wolven boots

Scavenger huntForktail's Lair

Scavenger huntHieronymus' Portal

To open portal you have to:

- loot Hieronymus' Notes from the chest inside ruins.

- follow the quest instructions .

Scavenger huntIron Mine

Occupied by Earth Elemental (30).

Scavenger huntTrials of the Grasses Cave

Occupied by Nekker Warriors (12) and Devourer (13).

Scavenger huntWaterfall Cave


Treasure TreasureInside Old Speartip's cave. | One more chest inside smaller cave next to Old Speartip's cave. Treasure Treasure Treasure Treasure TreasureTwo chests in the corner. TreasureFew chests inside old signal tower. TreasureChest in Old Speartip's Caves. | You need to climb a bit to get here.

Guarded Treasures

It's always some kind of box, chest or a dead body containing some goods and guarded by one or more monsters.

Guarded treasureGuarded by Wyvern (14). Guarded treasureGuarded by Leshen (20).

Special Monsters

MonsterOld Speartip

Quests & Events

You will find more info about quests further below. Warning: Quest descriptions contain a lot of spoilers!

QuestGreenhouse Effect (27) QuestMonster Slayer (26)Examine drowner's corpse. QuestThe Bastion (23)

More interesting places

Troll's Lair

Occupied by Rock Troll (26).

Secondary Quests

Secondary questMonster Slayer (26) - Examine drowner's corpse, many of them lying along the shore.

While walking along the shore of the lake near Kaer Morhen, Geralt came across the body of a drowner. The witcher thought at first that Lambert or Eskel had killed the creature - but upon closer inspection he soon discovered there were no marks dealt by sword or Sign. It was thus clear someone - or something - else had done the drowner in. They say the enemy of one's enemy is a friend, but Geralt wanted to see who exactly this drowner-killing "friend" was.

- Use your Witcher Senses to find out what's killing drowners near the lake. - Search for Troll's Lair.

- Kill the troll.

- Search the troll's lair. - Find Old letter.

- Read the letter.

Quest completed.

Secondary questThe Bastion (26)

An observation tower located on a hillside near Kaer Morhen caught Geralt's eye. Though the structure had been there for as long as he could remember, this was the first time in ages he had bothered to inspect it more closely. When he did, he discovered a whole heap of wraiths had taken up residence within. I've said it before and I'll say it again - witchers make horrible housekeepers.

- Explore the old bastion near Kaer Morhen using your Witcher Senses. - Few Wraiths (23) here.

- Eliminate the wraiths haunting the old bastion.

- Use Keira's lamp to investigate the old bastion. - Use witcher senses or search for places with delicate, white sparkles and use the lamp there.

- Look for the boy's remains around the bastion using your Witcher Senses. - Climb on walls, boy's remains are in the northern tower.

- Use Keira's lamp to find out what happened to the boy.

- Pick up the boy's remains.

- Bury the boy's remains.

Quest completed.

Secondary questGreenhouse Effect (27)

It turned out even the area around Kaer Morhen, a place which - one would think - Geralt knows by heart, can hide a great many interesting and undiscovered phenomena. Not far from the keep, Geralt came across an area where the weather differed remarkably from that of its surroundings. He decided to investigate what sort of forces were at work.

- Investigate the weather anomaly using your Witcher Senses. - Find Letter from the resident mage.

- Read the mage's letter.

- Use the obelisks to restore the place's proper microclimate. - Hit one of the stones with Aard sign, and 2 others with Igni sign. Chort (27) will spawn.

- Kill the chort.

- Return to the site of an anomaly in a few days.