The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Atlas

Oxenfurt Area Map The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Oxenfurt is a Redanian city located on the northern shore of the river Pontar, south-east of Novigrad. It's famous for its Academy, which is the largest in the Northern Kingdoms.


Once discovered, signposts allow you to travel directly from one location to another. Walk up to a signpost and use it to open ingame map.

SignpostAeramas' Abandoned Manor SignpostCrossroads SignpostGustfields Farm SignpostHerbalist's Hut SignpostNovigrad Gate SignpostOxenfurt Harbor SignpostWestern Gate

Notice Boards

Offers of work for witchers are posted here. Return from time to time to notice boards you've already seen - new contracts might have been posted since your last visit.

Notice boardOxenfurt Notice Board

Quest: The Truth is in the Stars (-)

Gwent: Playing Innkeeps (-)

Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk (26)

Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest (35)


CraftsmanArmorer (Journeyman)Sells: | Ibrahim Savi's first map CraftsmanBlacksmith (Journeyman)

Witcher Gear Diagrams / Scavenger Hunt

It's always some kind of box, chest or a corpse containing witcher gear diagrams required for scavenger hunt quests.

Scavenger huntCat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 1

Chest on top of the ruins.

Diagram: Enhanced Feline armor

Scavenger huntCat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams - Part 2

It's in tunnels below the house of the blacksmith.

Examine the brick to the right of the secret passage to open it.

Diagram: Enhanced Feline trousers

Scavenger huntBlacksmith's House Tunnels

Entrance is in the house.

Scavenger huntArmorer (Journeyman)


Ibrahim Savi's first map


TreasureChest on the beach. TreasureChest in the camp of Scoia'tael. TreasureChest outside the house. TreasureChest half-buried in the sand. TreasureTwo chests under the bridge. | One on the shore, the other on the bottom. TreasureChest inside the house, upstairs. | Use ladder outside to get here. TreasureTwo chests underwater, in Ruins Below Oxenfurt. TreasureChests in Ruins Below Oxenfurt. TreasureChests in Ruins Below Oxenfurt. TreasureChest in upper soldiers' room. | More chests in commander's room (need to go outside to get there). TreasureChest inside the tower.

Guarded Treasures

It's always some kind of box, chest or a dead body containing some goods and guarded by one or more monsters.

Guarded treasureGuarded by Leshen (20).

Special Monsters

MonsterGaelFinal opponent in the quest Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk (26). | Trophy: Katakan trophy (5% Bonus experience from monsters) | Relic: Deargdeith (silver sword) MonsterOpinicusFinal opponent in the quest Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest (35). | Trophy: Griffin trophy (10% Chance to dismember)

Bandit Camps

Kill all the opponents in the area. There is always a treasure chest somewhere in the camp.

Bandit campOccupied by Deserters (9,10) and Deserter Leader (9).

Persons in Distress

There's a person or a group of people here in need of assistance. Remove the threat and realease a person(s) in need of assistance.

Person in distressGuarded by Deserters (9,10) and Deserter Leader (9). | Loot Simple cage key from small sack and release Elf.

Quests & Events

You will find more info about quests further below. Warning: Quest descriptions contain a lot of spoilers!

QuestEvent: Fake BasiliskTalk to the Beast Tamer then kill the monster - wyvern (10). QuestSpooked Mare (12)Talk to the peasant.

More interesting places


He sells Paint required for The Volunteer (13) quest.


Elven merchant rescued from bandits in the camp north of here.

Ruins Below Oxenfurt

Entrance through the well.

Secondary questGwent: Playing Innkeeps (-)

It is an innkeeper's job to tend to his guests' needs. Usually this takes the form of serving strong drinks and listening to tales of loves lost and wounds received. Yet at times a patron will wish to play a hand of gwent, which is why all good innkeepers keep a deck at the ready at all times. And the excellent ones - they keep excellent decks, full of top-notch cards that can provide an evening of challenge and excitement to even the most refined gwent player. Geralt was determined to win some of these cards for himself.

- Win Stjepan's unique card. - Reward - Card: Yennefer of Vengerberg.

- Win a unique card from the innkeep at the Inn at the Crossroads. - Reward - Card: Menno Coehoorn.

- Win Olivier's unique card. - Reward - Card: Tibor Eggebracht.

or (when innkeeper is dead)

- Find a unique card in the Kingfisher. - Card is in the small box in the room next to the bar.

Quest completed.

Secondary questAn Eye for en Eye (12)

Vernon Roche fell into dour spirits after Geralt's conversation with Radovid at the chess club. He didn't want to say right then what had blackened his mood. Instead, he asked the witcher to come talk to him at his hideout near Oxenfurt.

- Meet Roche at his camp.

- Meet Roche by Hanged Man's Tree.

- Save Ves.

- Kill all the Nilfgaardians.

- Save Ves.

Quest completed.

Secondary questRedania's Most Wanted (12)

They say chess is the game of kings, and Radovid proved this point twice over during his meeting with Geralt. First, by playing the royal game at the Oxenfurt Chess Club while they met, and then by treating Geralt like a pawn he could send out to do his bidding. His requested move? Witcher takes sorceress: his spies had reported finding signs of Philippa Eilhart's presence in the elven ruins outside of Novigrad. Geralt was to go there and retrieve her. Normally Geralt resisted attempts to command him around the board, but he owed Radovid a favor - and had his own reasons for wanting to find Philippa...

- Talk to the witch hunters in front of Philippa's hideout.

- Open Philippa's hideout.

- Search Philippa's hideout.

- Use Aard to activate the crystal.

- Place the crystal in the right spot.

- Use Aard to activate the crystal.

- Find the missing crystal.

- Place the crystal in the right spot.

- Use Aard to activate the crystal.

- Search Philippa's quarters using your Witcher Senses.

- Talk to Triss about the crystal from Philippa's megascope. - Go outside, you will meet witch hunters at the exit.

If you handed crystal to them then...

- Tell Radovid what you learned about Philippa.- No matter what you say, Radovid will be dissapointed. Quest completed.

If you refused then you have to kill then...

- Tell Radovid what you learned about Philippa.- Show Radovid the crystal as a proof. Quest completed.

...or visit Triss first, get some info and then give her the crystal (imo, the best option) or take it to Radovid.

Quest completed.

Secondary questSpooked Mare (12) - Talk to the peasant.

Geralt met a man who claimed one of his horses had been stolen by some kind of woodland spook. The witcher promised to bring back the missing mare.

- Find the missing horse using your Witcher Senses. - You can pay (100g), use Delusion (2) or kiwwwll thieves.

- Defeat the Scoia'tel.

- Lead the horse into the enclosure. - The horse you are looking for is white but you can take any of them.

- Talk to the owner. - Reward for the white horse is 20g, for another (younger) horse it is 50g.

Quest completed.

Witcher Contracts

Witcher contractContract: The Oxenfurt Drunk (26)

Oxenfurt the academy may be my alma mater, but Oxenfurt the town - that is where I received my true education. The experiences I had in its inns and alleyways often left me a trembling wreck, overwhelmed by the majesty of the world opening up before me. Sadly, during the Third Nilfgaardian War the town became a shadow of its former self, and the few who remained in its inns and alleyways risked not enlightenment but death at the hands of a mysterious murderer. Geralt, bless his heart, decided to investigate the matter, suspecting that the responsible party might be a monster...

- Talk to the Redanian officer.

1. Talk to the medic.

- Look over the victims' bodies using your Witcher Senses.

2. Talk to the witness.

- Examine the site where the monster was seen using your Witcher Senses.

- Talk to the inkeep and get drunk in order to bait the katakan.

- Walk around near the tavern in order to provoke the katakan.

- Kill the katakan.

- Track down the katakan using your Witcher Senses.

- Get inside the katakan's hideout.

- Kill the katakan.

- Take a trophy.

- Collect your reward from the Redanian officer.

Quest completed.

Witcher contractContract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest (35)

Mercenaries are usually the ones getting paid for killing things. This time, however, the shoe was on the other foot: a certain Hans of Cidaris, a soldier of fortune by trade, had made it known far and wide that he would pay a handsome sum to whoever could defeat the beast that had made its nest in the forest outside Oxenfurt. Geralt decided to take on the job.

- Talk about the contract with the mercenary, Hans.

- Examine where the monster attacked using your Witcher Senses.

- Follow the blood trail using your Witcher Senses.

- Follow the ravens using your Witcher Senses.

- Kill the griffin.

- Take the trophy from the griffin.

- Colect your reward from Hans.

Quest completed.